Historical Background

Fuller Fuller & Associates is  Colorado’s oldest continuously practicing architectural firm.  Established in 1873 by Robert S. Roeschlaub, the firm became Roeschlaub  & Fuller Architects in 1914 and Fuller, Fuller & Fuller in 1949.  Today Fuller Fuller & Associates is a fourth generation  architectural firm emphasizing the same attention to quality design that  was given to the firm’s earliest projects which include the Central  City Opera House, Trinity Methodist Church, and the Denver City &  County Building. 


Fuller  Fuller & Associates begins each commission with an open and  flexible approach to the project. Satisfying the client’s needs and  providing quality design within the constraints of budgetary reality is  our goal. Each project, regardless of size and scale, is shaped by the  requirements of site restrictions, client’s goals, and cost. Fuller  Fuller & Associates recent work includes a range of projects from  custom residences to high tech industrial facilities. However, the size  of the project is less important than quality design and client  satisfaction. We are structured with an organizational framework that  encourages communication between the client, the contractors, and the  design team.

Scope of Service

Fuller  Fuller & Associates provides project programming, site and master  planning services, schematic design, design development, construction  documents, bid negotiation, and construction administration. During  these processes the client is presented with a number of schematic  designs and a number of meetings are held to evaluate the progress of  design. Outline Specifications and In Progress drawings are provided to  ensure client involvement and establish clear communication early in the  project. A "final documents" meeting is held so that the owner can  review and approve all final design information. Once the design is  agreed upon, we work closely with the contractor to ensure that the  integrity of the design is maintained throughout the construction phase.  

Hilltop, Denver, CO


Hilltop, Denver, CO